At the Wellness Seekers Academy (WSA), we are on a dedicated mission to champion holistic wellness and well-being for individuals and organisations alike.

Rooted in the belief that true wellness extends across multiple dimensions, including physical, emotional, social, intellectual, and spiritual aspects, we strive to nurture these dimensions to enhance overall well-being and productivity.

Focus on Holistic Mental Health & Well-being.

WSA distinguishes itself through a profound commitment to research and development in the realm of Holistic Mental Health & well-being.

Our endeavors result in the creation of comprehensive offerings meticulously crafted to transform the well-being landscape of individuals, organisations, academia, institutions, and states.


We are thrilled to announce the release of 11 Free Mental Health Assessment Tools designed to support and enhance your mental well-being. Our goal is to make mental health resources accessible to everyone, empowering individuals to take proactive steps towards better mental health.

Step into a world of holistic well-being with the Wellness Seekers Academy (WSA). Backed by over 50 man-years of collective research, WSA pioneers transformative solutions across various dimensions.

From comprehensive wellness assessments to real-time dashboards, educational courses, and immersive workshops, our offerings cater to individuals, schools, colleges, organisations, and communities. Discover a holistic wellness journey that blends research-driven insights with practical approaches, empowering you to thrive mentally, emotionally, and physically.

At the Wellness Seekers Academy, our Holistic Wellness Assessments go beyond traditional evaluations. Rooted in our extensive research, these assessments provide a comprehensive understanding of an individual's well-being across the physical, emotional, social, intellectual, and spiritual dimensions. Tailored to individuals, organisations, communities, and governments, these assessments serve as a foundational step toward holistic wellness.

Our State of Wellness Dashboards offer dynamic insights into the overall well-being of organisations and regions. Utilizing our unique metrics and indexes, these dashboards provide real-time analytics, enabling informed decision-making for wellness initiatives. By visualizing the well-being landscape, we empower entities to cultivate a thriving environment and address specific areas of improvement.

Designed to instill holistic well-being principles from an early age, our Academic Courses for Schools & Colleges integrate wellness into educational curricula. These courses equip students with essential life skills, promoting a balanced approach to mental, emotional, and physical health. By nurturing well-rounded individuals, we contribute to the cultivation of resilient and empowered future leaders

Our Online Courses on Wellness bring the transformative teachings of the Wellness Seekers Academy to a global audience. Accessible to individuals seeking personal growth, these courses cover diverse aspects of holistic well-being. From mindfulness practices to stress management techniques, our online offerings empower participants to embark on their unique wellness journeys.

Immersive and interactive, our Holistic Wellness Workshops provide hands-on experiences for individuals and organisations. Facilitated by experts in the field, these workshops cover a range of topics, fostering a deeper understanding of holistic health. Participants engage in practical exercises, gaining actionable insights that can be seamlessly integrated into their daily lives.

The Wellness Seekers Academy offers a rigorous Wellness Coach Certification program, equipping individuals with the knowledge and skills to guide others on their wellness journeys. Our certification goes beyond traditional coaching, emphasizing a holistic approach that considers the interconnected facets of well-being. Graduates emerge as adept coaches ready to make a positive impact.

In our Holistic Wellness Mentoring program, seasoned mentors provide personalized guidance to individuals seeking a deeper understanding of their well-being. Drawing on our extensive research and holistic principles, mentors empower mentees to set and achieve meaningful goals, fostering sustainable well-being transformations.

As part of our commitment to knowledge-sharing, the Wellness Seekers Academy produces a rich tapestry of Holistic Wellness content. From insightful blogs and articles to engaging newsletters and videos, we disseminate valuable information on a wide range of well-being topics. Stay connected with our community and stay informed on the latest holistic health trends and practices.

Enabling the establishment of Internal Interactive Wellness Groups within organisations and communities, these groups function as collaborative hubs. Here, members can openly exchange information, resources, and support. Embrace the WSA community ethos, where we foster a collective sense of well-being. Join us in transforming well-being from an individual pursuit to a shared journey, making holistic health a collective triumph rather than a solitary goal.

At the Wellness Seekers Academy, we believe that holistic well-being is not just an individual pursuit, but a collective journey that impacts various sectors of society.

Our innovative approach to measuring well-being extends its transformative power to a diverse range of verticals, ensuring that individuals, students, employees, organizations, states, and citizens experience improved quality of life. Our wellness offerings makes it possible to foster a change in each of the following verticals:

Shaping journeys that resonate!

Our pioneering approach to measuring well-being goes beyond personal transformation; it extends its transformative power to various verticals. From individuals and students to employees, organizations, states, and citizens, our commitment is to elevate the quality of life for all. Explore the horizons of holistic well-being with WSA, where every sector experiences the positive ripple effect of a wellness-driven collective journey.

For individuals seeking holistic well-being, our offerings cater to diverse demographics. Engage in personalized wellness journeys through our comprehensive wellness assessments, providing insights across physical, emotional, social, intellectual, and spiritual dimensions.

Explore transformative learning with our online courses, covering different aspects of wellness, and more. Elevate your well-being with immersive wellness workshops and, for those aspiring to guide others, our Wellness Coach Certification program opens pathways to empower and uplift.

Nurturing the well-being of academic communities, our offerings extend to students and faculty alike. Experience a holistic approach through wellness assessments, gaining insights into personal well-being. Opt for the Academic Wellness Course - THRIVE, tailored for academic settings, fostering resilience and balance.

Cultivate a sense of community with Wellness Clubs and Communities, providing spaces for shared well-being experiences and support.

Elevate the well-being landscape of organizations and institutions with our tailored offerings. Conduct thorough wellness assessments for employees and stakeholders, paving the way for data-driven well-being strategies. Our State of Wellness Dashboards provide deep drill-down insights, facilitating informed decision-making.

Our Employee Wellness Program - Harmony, offers a holistic approach, combining assessments, workshops, and community-building. Transform your workplace with impactful wellness workshops, enhancing employee satisfaction and productivity.

For states and their citizens, our offerings create a foundation for collective well-being. Conduct extensive Wellness Assessments for citizens, providing valuable insights into the overall state of well-being. Foster a sense of community with Wellness Communities, connecting citizens on shared well-being journeys.

Implement Digital Dashboards for real-time monitoring and informed governance. The State Wellness Index, a culmination of data-driven insights, guides policymakers in developing initiatives that uplift the well-being of citizens and the state at large.

We extend a warm invitation for you to delve into the profound scope of The Wellness Compass, along with the impactful Holistic Wellness Programs it fosters.

Witness the remarkable positive influence that ripples through individuals, communities, institutions, and societies. Let's unite on a transformative journey towards holistic well-being, enriching every dimension of our lives.

Within the dynamic framework of CREX Media and Events Pvt. Ltd., The Wellness Seekers Academy (WSA) emerges as a transformative force, intricately connected with various divisions to amplify the impact of holistic well-being. Collaborating seamlessly with sister divisions, WSA extends its offerings to diverse market segments, ensuring a comprehensive and inclusive approach to wellness.

MunnJai: Empowering Organizations and Institutions

In tandem with MunnJai, a dedicated division of CREX, WSA collaborates to bring its innovative wellness solutions to organizations and institutions. MunnJai acts as the operational partner, seamlessly integrating WSA's offerings into corporate environments, fostering a culture of well-being among employees.

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Youth Wellness Connect: Nurturing Student Well-being

Another integral part of our ecosystem is Youth Wellness Connect, a vibrant community within CREX Media dedicated to the mental health and well-being of students in colleges and universities. Leveraging various offerings from WSA, Youth Wellness Connect creates a supportive environment, empowering students on their journey to holistic well-being.

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Our Collaborative Advantage:

Comprehensive Wellness Solutions: WSA collaborates across divisions to provide tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of organizations, institutions, and student communities.

Integrated Approach: Our collaborative ecosystem ensures a seamless integration of WSA's offerings, maximizing their impact within different market segments.

Holistic Wellness Network: Together, we forge a network that transcends traditional boundaries, creating a holistic ecosystem where well-being is a shared commitment.

Join us at WSA, where our collaborative approach within CREX Media cultivates a well-being ecosystem that extends its transformative influence across diverse segments of society.

As a leading Wellness Tech and R&D organisation dedicated to transforming well-being across various sectors, we collaborate with diverse organisations by providing an array of innovative offerings, including Assessments, Dashboards, Workshops, Communities, Content, and more. These solutions are designed to supplement internal and external wellness initiatives, fostering a holistic approach to well-being.

Versatile Association Models

Our offerings are adaptable to various implementation strategies, offering flexibility to organisations and institutions. Entities can independently source and deploy these solutions according to their unique needs and objectives, seamlessly integrating them into existing wellness programs.

Empower your organisation or institution by independently sourcing and deploying WSA's cutting-edge wellness solutions. Tailor them to suit your unique wellness goals and seamlessly integrate them into your existing programs.

Maximize the impact of WSA's solutions in the corporate sector through our strategic operations partner, MunnJai. Collaborate with MunnJai to implement our offerings within your corporate environment, enhancing employee well-being and productivity.

Forge a direct partnership with WSA as your dedicated Wellness Tech provider. Academic institutions, communities, and states can engage with us to access tailored solutions, leveraging our expertise to elevate wellness initiatives to new heights.

As we embark on a mission to redefine well-being, we extend a warm invitation to individuals and organizations committed to the advancement of holistic health.

Partner with the Wellness Seekers Academy (WSA) and leverage our cutting-edge research-based offerings to elevate your initiatives.

Joining forces with WSA not only amplifies your impact in the well-being space but also presents an exceptional revenue-earning potential. Leverage our transformative solutions, harness the power of collaborative innovation, and join us in creating a world where holistic wellness is a shared endeavor.

Our collaborative ecosystem opens doors to innovative solutions, ensuring your organization stands at the forefront of transformative wellness.

Embrace this opportunity to co-create a healthier future while unlocking the financial potential of a thriving well-being landscape.

Let's innovate, collaborate, and prosper together. If you're passionate about well-being and growth, WSA welcomes you to explore partnership opportunities that not only enrich lives but also contribute to your financial prosperity.

Discovering Wellness - Season 1

A series of short interviews exploring the world of corporate wellness.

In this series, we talked to executives from various organisations to gain insights into their wellness initiatives, and discover ways to improve employee mental health, morale, engagement, productivity, and the overall bottom line of their organisations.

We believe that promoting wellness in the workplace is not just a moral imperative, but also a strategic business decision.

Watch this SPECIAL EPISODE of Discovering Wellness as we dive into a captivating conversation with Ajay Mahajan, the founder of the Wellness Seekers Academy. Join us as we explore the fascinating journey that led Ajay to embark on the path of holistic wellness and ultimately establish the Wellness Seekers Academy. Watch other episodes HERE.

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