Wellness Seekers Academy

The idea behind the Wellness Seekers Academy was conceived in 2017 as The Wellness Initiative - to help individuals take a holistic approach to their wellness and be better contributors to groups and organisational wellbeing.

Conceptualised by Ajay Mahajan - who has spent more than three decades working with Global Organisations with almost 20 years in the development sector. Having travelled extensively, he has seen the changing lifestyles coupled with ever-increasing work pressures take a heavy toll on the overall wellness of individuals.

Increasing stress and gradual deterioration in the ability to relate and empathise socially are causing severe breakdown.

We conducted several seminars and workshops across various wellness themes by experts to understand how people across cross-sections of age, gender, occupation, etc., perceived their own wellness needs and the benefits of addressing them. We also conducted a wellness survey covering 12,500+ respondents across the country that provided valuable insights.

The above activities helped concretise the direction and identify steps needed to make individuals and institutions understand the nuances of how Mental Health & Wellness are related to reducing stress and anxiety. And can lead to happiness and success in their personal and professional lives.

Today, the Academy has courses and programs that address the wellness needs of individuals, employees, organisations, institutions and even states & countries.

The Wellness Evangelists

AJAY MAHAJAN - Chief Executive Officer

With over three decades of industry experience, Ajay has been involved in structuring innovative solutions focusing on helping businesses deliver better by conceptualizing, managing and delivering high-impact and reliable solutions.

Ajay is the creator of the Wellness Seekers Program and is a wellness coach & mentor. He has also been associated with the Development Sector for the past 20 years.

He has had professional association in various capacities with large organisations such as Microsoft Corporation, the World Bank, GIZ, Delhi Government, Crompton Greaves, IDEMIA, etc., and has led the creation and implementation of several large state and national level programs.

SADHANA RAO - Chief Delivery Officer

Sadhana is a multi-faceted professional and she has an experience of over 36 years in Human Resource (HR), Learning & Development, Coaching, and Customer Relations Management.

She has served at large organisations in the airline industry, training consultancy, BPO sector, and the Real estate business.

She is a certified Train-the-trainer and Life Transformation Coach. She conducts the Wellness Seekers Programs and is a wellness coach and mentor.

She is also the recipient of the 'Women Super Achiever' award and 'The 10 most talented HR professionals in India' award by the World HRD Congress.

VIKRANT WADHERA - Chief Sales Officer

Vikrant Wadhera, a seasoned sales professional with a rich history of success spanning more than 25 years, including nearly 15 years in influential leadership roles. With a passion for driving revenue growth and expanding market reach, Vikrant has honed his expertise across diverse industries.

He has a remarkable ability to navigate the intricacies of Sales and Business Development in sectors as varied as Hospitality, IT, FMCG, and Services.

He is equipped with an MBA in Marketing and a degree in Hotel Management.

SANDEEP NATH - Chief Wellness Officer

An IIT-IIM alumnus, Sandeep Nath founded and ran a successful strategy consulting company before heading to the Himalayas in search of the purpose of life and what drives our energetic consciousness.

As a Coach, he has taken the sacred wisdom of our Inner Power to more than 46 cities across four continents. An international Reiki master, Business Qigong guide, Mindfulness coach, and Author of four books, Sandeep is an expert on Stress Management and applying ancient oriental wisdom to modern business challenges.

He is on the Executive Boards of Global Youth Mental Health Awareness (GYMHA) Inc., Australia, and PSA India.

ATUL DEV PAUL - Holistic Wellness Strategist.

Atul has over 30 years of Global Experience in managing operations across diversified industry verticals like Hospitality, BPO's, E-Commerce, BFSI, Insurance etc.

He has vast experience in setting up Businesses from scratch and making them profitable. He has the credit of establishing a SAS Business & an E-Commerce business in Dubai from scratch.

He also brings expertise in VC funding and financial management of start-ups as part of his overall journey over the last nearly 3 decades..


Vinay has held leadership positions in Telecom, ISP, IT System Integration/Solution Sales, and Cable - managing large scale operations across Direct and JV initiatives.

A thought leader with deep rooted understanding of Business Strategy, Consumer insights backed by strong execution skills enables him to create disruptive and sustainable growth hacking opportunities.

Vinay's experience of three decades spans across multi-channel sales formats of B2B, B2C, B2B2C across Enterprise, Distribution and Retail businesses. He has run large scale green field and brown field businesses in the enterprise / consumer technology space at CXO Level with large groups like Reliance, Zee Group & Satyam.


Ranga is a seasoned professional with over three decades of experience across multiple sectors.

With a focus on holistic wellness, he has played pivotal leadership roles in the corporate world, driving individual growth and improving institutional structures. By enhancing knowledge, skills, and behavior, Ranga ensures sustainable achievement of organizational missions and goals.

He also emphasizes the interconnectedness between business success and holistic wellness, integrating responsible practices, corporate social responsibility, and environmental stewardship.

With his strategic mindset, interpersonal skills, and commitment to excellence, Ranga brings a unique perspective to organizations, fostering a culture of growth, well-being, and long-term viability.

CREX Media & Events Pvt. Ltd.

Wellness Seekers Academy is anchored within CREX Media & Events Pvt. Ltd.

Established in 2006 - CREX (CReative EXpressions) offers a wide array of professional services for organisations.

Staying true to our name, we offer customized Creative events that are an ideal catalyst for interactive spontaneous exchange that leads to personality enhancement as well as up skilling. Our events focus on introducing the participants (such as the employees of a Corporate organisation ) to their latent creative abilities. Breaking away from the conventional mindsets through the realization of one's creative side, inspires out-of-the-box thinking leading to innovation at work. In addition to encouraging creative thinking, waking up to one's creativity also brings about personal satisfaction. We use an effective combination of creative tools like poetry, photography, painting, theatre, music, dance and other art forms to attain the pre-defined objectives.

Our series of Corporate Workshops titled Beyond Barriers & Fences aim to energise and refresh employees by breaking down any kind of barriers that may exist within, so that these barriers do not end up becoming the fence in his/her relationships with co-workers, both vertically and laterally. Such fences do not allow an employee to relish the joy of working.